Living at St. Bonifaz: Living at the Piazzetta

Living like a King. Living like a King becomes a reality at the Piazzetta of Lenbach Gärten. The vision of Königsplatz shines out over the Antiques Collection as far as St. Bonifaz Abbey, the homage of King Ludwig I to the early Christian Ravenna.

The Mediterranean-style Piazzetta lies opposite St. Bonifaz Abbey. With a picturesque fountain and southern ambience it boasts an atmosphere almost like in Ravenna or even in Venice.

Sit in a café and swap worlds! For example in Munich one now meets at the Piazzetta of Lenbach Gärten, where the atmosphere is lively and at the same time one can relax.

The buildings neighbouring the Piazzetta on the left and right at St. Bonifaz 1 and 2 offer spacious, elegant city apartments and maisonettes.



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