The Steidle Lofts: Living and working in an exclusive framework

The Steidle Lofts which were built beside the Max Palais were presented with an award in 2006 as one of the best real estates in Munich.

Large spacious apartment floor plans create a unique room feeling. The ceiling-high windows, some of which actually spread over two floors, open up onto the park of the Old Botanical Garden and thus bring all seasons to the centre of the daily living experience. This impression is enhanced by the sophisticated furnishings and fittings and select, fine materials on the wall, ceiling and floor.

Fantasy knows no limits. The Steidle Lofts open up new dimensions of creativity whether it is an atelier or office, studio or forum.

Here creative people have all the possibilities to uniquely combine their life and work under one roof. The ultra-modern home on two spacious open-plan levels is suitable for almost all types of lifestyles and work.

The Steidle Lofts make possible loft living in its most exclusive form. The open-plan rooms ranging in size from 160 to 200 square metres can be furnished to suit personal tastes. The pleasant warmth of the open fire and the personal comforts in the high-quality bathroom create the contrast to the dynamic use of the wide, flood-lit rooms with large windows.



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